300 words for the sisters who think their body is the reason Amazing Person doesn’t want to date you.


If you feel certain a second date didn’t happen because your ass, arms or belly is too _____________, consider this:

Option A: You are 100% WRONG.

Maybe when you mentioned how much you love travel, he got a flashback of his parents fighting about his mom’s business trips, so he wrote you off.

Maybe the chemistry was real, but it jarred her into realizing she’s not over her ex.

Maybe you’re so wicked smart and stunningly gorgeous that he thinks you’re completely out of his league.

Maybe the absence of a second date is all about THEM, not you.

There are a gajillion possible reasons for the lack of a second date, that have absolutely nothing to do with you, or your body.

Option B: You are 100% right, in which case, fuck that.

If someone’s reaction to your physicality is to say “No thanks”, do you really want a second date with this person? Do you actually want their tongue in your mouth?

The right person will not have to be coaxed into loving you. It will be a compulsion. They won’t be able to keep their hands off you.

It took me too many years to learn that at every size, we are desirable, passionate, and fully capable of giving and receiving pleasure. True intimacy isn’t dependent on a dress size.

So if you met a seemingly Amazing Person and your theory is that they walked away because you’ve got some extra, or not enough…

Let them walk.

Your body should be worshipped.
Your curves exist to be savored.
Your physical self is meant to be adored just as much as your spiritual self.

And if Amazing Person isn’t eagerly signing up for that privilege, that means they’re not your amazing after all. Send them on their way and keep your head and heart open for the true love that is coming.


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