4 reasons NOT to work with (or continue working with) a coach.

I’m a coach. I make money because people value this profession and the impact it can have on their life.

Based on that, what’s coming next might seem counter-intuitive, but I’m here for freedom and transparency, and when you respect something (as I respect the coaching profession) you will sometimes honor it best by pointing out the shadowy corners that need to be dusted out.


Here are 4 situations that might be a red flag telling you NOT to work with (or keep working with) a particular coach:

  1. They engage in a lengthy process that is so obviously aimed at ‘convincing’ you that you NEED them (since they know you soooo well after that 30 minute intro call and scrolling through your Instagram feed).
  2. They feign shock and confusion that you haven’t had the good sense to hire a coach before now.
  3. Every email and phone call makes it clear that you should be down-on-your-knees grateful they’re giving you this sliver of their VIP time.
  4. You feel punished and scorned by their disappointment, because since your last session, you haven’t achieved all the things they think you ‘should’ have.

There are so many wise, big-hearted, profoundly skillful women and men out there doing transformative coaching work.

And some people are running coaching businesses based on questionable advice, or they’re just trying different things out to find a right fit and unintentionally hurting folks in the process.

With all of them, we can be open-minded, kind and still discerning as fuck.