8 ways to remind yourself about your spiritual practice.

Have you ever forgotten to “be” spiritual?

Maybe it was a day or a week (or even longer), where that thing you do to foster divine connection fell right out of your mind. Your gajillion and four other priorities and responsibilities had your attention, so your spiritual practice was straight up forgotten.

I used to feel like the worst kind of spiritual seeker when I forgot my own practice. I’d berate myself for dropping the spiritual ball.

It’s THE UNIVERSE, for crying out loud. Consciousness. Mama Gaia. Your Higher Self. God. What kind of soul do I have that it could forget to spend 5 minutes connecting with the motherflippin’ UNIVERSE?

Your soul is not malnourished or covered in coal if you forget to meditate. Or chant, or pray or whatever.

More than likely, the habit muscle of that particular practice is not yet fully developed, which is why you still need reminders. The psychic channels that instinctively tell your body it must pee and eat have not widened enough to include: Do 5 minutes of sacred dance in the morning.


You can do something about this. You can create a new habit – or deepen an existing one – so that the moments of forgetting become fewer and fewer. You can create experiential and environmental cues to bring you the reminders you need. Here are:

8 ways to remind yourself of your spiritual practice


  1. Add it as a to-do in your planner.
  2. Yes, putting it in your calendar alongside Check the PO box and Find gluten-free breakfast ideas might feel less than divine, but if you spend all day looking at your calendar, isn’t that a good spot for a reminder? Pencil it in.

  3. Stick a post-it note up.
  4. This works best when you stick the post-it in the exact spot (or near the spot) you like to do your practice in most often. Bathroom mirror if you like to “Ommm” before getting in the shower. TV if you plan to stream an at-home yoga class. Fridge if you want to eat breakfast in mindful silence – no tech gadgets allowed.

  5. Set a phone alarm / reminder.
  6. Most alarm functions give you the option of changing the name / label on the alarm. Use that real estate for a few inspirational words. My last alarm like this read: C’mon, love. Rise up and gimme a hip circle. Whatever works.

  7. Ask your partner / friend to remind you.
  8. Or hire someone to send you a text reminder at the same time every day. These reminders should not feel punitive or be laced with any judgement. Just a quick, to-the-point, loving nudge.

  9. Use this or this to send yourself email reminders.
  10. Suggestion: Instead of sending yourself a note that simply says: Do that body awareness meditation, consider adding a soulful quote or a few inspirational words to remind yourself WHY you’re doing this. Something like: I feel lighter and grounded when I make space for this. or I’m a kinder, nicer person to be around afterwards.

  11. Get a tattoo.
  12. This option is the most extreme, yes, and for the ink-inclined among us, it might be the way to go. Take your time (and then some more time) before deciding to go permanent. Maybe henna, or a temporary tat in the meantime?

  13. Object identification.
  14. Let’s say I want to pray and do some yoga poses every morning, right after having a cup of tea. The night before, I will stare at the tea kettle and repeat Prayers + Yoga 3 times (the more repetition, the better). The next time I see that tea kettle, my brain goes: Prayers + Yoga. Boom, my morning asana reminder.

  15. Place a commonly used object in an unusual place.
  16. A spoon in your shoe. Your phone in the bowl of apples on the counter. Similar to the Object Identification idea above, you’ll see it and immediately remember why you put it there: to remind yourself of your spiritual practice.

Got any other memory-boosting suggestions for not forgetting your spiritual practice? Share them in the comments below.

Wishing you mental clarity and sacred soul time, every day.