What to do when the self help stuff sounds a little too woo woo…

If you were raised in a conservative and generally cautious community…

If you grew up in an academically-obsessed family or culture…

If practicality is a high value for you…

Some of the body love and other personal growth practices out there might sound a little cray cray to you. But here’s a thought:

  1. Put your actual risk in perspective.

    Really, what’s the worst that could happen? You trying a body practice that sounds a little woo-woo is not going to cause a landslide, or hurt the puppies. The puppies will be just fine.

  2. Lead with the question, “What if…?”.

    What if great things could happen here? What if something unfamiliar could lead to healing? What if… The humility to admit that the universe is full of lots of weirdness that’s actually really good and healthful, is the height of strength.

Open up.

Try something new.

Take a chance.

Sure it could fall flat, but doesn’t the possibility that it could lead to greater esteem, peace of mind, or body connection make it worth the effort?

YOU are worth the effort.