Are you an introvert? Alone time as a spiritual practice.

Are you familiar with ‘introvert shame’?

I was afflicted for years.

Embarrassed and guilty about how much I was craving being alone in the house, wanting to take long drives by myself, or turning off my phone for hours so I could feel.the.silence.

It took some time, but now I’ve ditched that shame story: I am a card-carrying member of the Introvert Mafia.

And because of my love for solitude, I was extra pumped to meet today’s AnnikaTV guest.

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In this episode, I’m talking with Mary Beth LaRue about alone time.

Mary Beth treats her alone time as a sacred opportunity for spiritual connection.

Instead of desperately screaming ‘Go away, people! I need quiet!’ (oh nooo, I’ve never done that), she’s made her alone time about honoring herself and connecting to her soul – without sacrificing her most precious relationships.

This stuff makes me swoon.

Click below to watch this inspiring conversation.

And once you’ve finished watching, please let me know in the comments below:

What do you like to do in your alone time?


Do you have any tips for how others can explain to their fam+friends that they need some solo time (with love, of course)?

One of the biggest challenges we can face as introverts is finding the courage (and the right words) to explain our needs to others. If you’ve aced this conversation with your loved ones, please share how you did it and what you said to help them ‘get it’.

Someone else reading this is really struggling right now and your contribution could make a world of difference for them.