Behind the scenes of my morning ritual (+ free video course).

For years, whenever I heard someone talking about how important a morning ritual was, I would nod and scribble down some notes, but I never took the time to create a morning ritual for myself.


I thought I needed to learn more Sanskrit first.

And I needed a special room for this purpose, with fluffy meditation cushions and dozens of soy candles. And I definitely needed at least 45 undisturbed minutes each day (in addition to the 60 minutes of yoga, obviously) to make it all work.

I thought that a morning ritual came with complex REQUIREMENTS. And since that sounded uninspiring and time-consuming, I did… nothing.

So my mornings began with no sacred check-in. No spiritual grounding before I dove into the day’s to-do list.

And I firmly believe that my very un-intentional mornings played a major role in the unhealthy relationships and choices I made during that time in my life.

When I eventually created a morning ritual (and stuck to it), it was partly because I wanted the focused energy that morning types rave about. But mostly, it was because I finally understood that a morning ritual is about choosing who you want to be.

It’s about being an active creator in your own life, instead of mindlessly floating along on someone else’s current.

I recently did a Periscope on this topic. Press play below to watch the section where I detailed my personal ritual.

If your morning ritual could use some freshening up, or you don’t have one at all, check out the mini-course I made: Morning Ritual.

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