Body awareness as a spiritual practice.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to assume that spirituality is a subject you spend a lot of time thinking about.

What is spiritual to me? Am I ‘doing it’ right? Am I doing it often enough? Is this how other people do it? Etcetera and way more etceteras.

And while I’m all for healthy doses of introspection, I notice that all this thinking about spirituality has led some of us to conclude that ‘real’ spirituality is a purely mental or emotional experience.

Not so.

For today’s AnnikaTV guest, spirituality is all about the body. The physical as sacred.

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In today’s episode I’m talking with Tari Mannello (a phenomenal acrobat and dancer) about body awareness.

If you’ve had trouble with trying to ’empty the mind’, being deeply attentive to your body might be your way. This was how I first learned to meditate.

Click PLAY below to watch our conversation.

I mention one of my favorite body awareness techniques and Tari shares his ‘milking the beauty’ approach, too. Lots of great ideas for you to experiment with here.

Are you up for a body awareness experiment with me?

Getting outside is ideal, but you could do this by taking a lap around your kitchen/living room, or even walking in the same spot.

Body awareness happens wherever your body is, so you can do this anywhere and at any time. It’s about being fully focused on the body, how it’s moving and what you’re feeling as a result. Just notice.

Let me know in the comments below:

Where are you going to go on your body awareness walk?

Or do you have any body awareness insights you’d like to share with others?

I’m forever grateful when I hear you chime in and share ideas / tips with each other.

Lots of love,