What to do if “But your body doesn’t even matter!” thinking just doesn’t work for you.

Some people’s ‘solution’ for body insecurity is to say the body doesn’t actually matter, or it’s at least way less important than your mind or spirit.

I fully understand the comfort that might be found in this perspective. With all the societal pressure to value your body over your intellect, persona, talents, contribution, spirit, maybe minimizing the body (temporarily or permanently) makes sense for you. I hear ya.

But that approach was (and is) so wrong for me.

My early years primed me to dismiss and detach from my body because it was ‘wrong’, so as I got older and began intentionally healing my relationship with my body, Wholeness was key for me.

Wholeness means honoring ALL of me: my mental body, emotional body, spiritual body, and physical body. Instead of relegating the body to ‘not important’, I’ve pumped it up because it’s my Intuition Giver, Reliable Transport, Vessel of Pleasure, Freaking MIRACLE.

I am both flesh and soul.

I’d rather cherish all of my elements equally, instead of creating a hierarchy of worthiness.

And if this mindset doesn’t float your boat, that’s cool. I don’t care whether people think about their bodies the way I do. I just care that we think about them at all; that we’re conscious about the body’s role, because no area of your life isn’t connected to your body – NONE.

Whatever perspective helps you move forward, whatever philosophy helps you step into more body freedom and peace, that’s the path for you. I hope you’re walking it.

And even if our methods aren’t the same, we can still walk together.

Let’s walk. xo