Glow from the inside out.
Be at peace with your body - your LIFE.

If you’ve seen women with your body type oozing all kinds of confidence and magnetism, and you want some of that…

If you want to be DONE with the relentless mean girl chatter in your head…

If you want to smile when you see your reflection and really mean that smile…

You’re in the right place.

But right off the bat, let’s get one thing clear:

The Body Course isn’t just about your body.

(Spoiler alert!)

It’s about worthiness. It’s about personal power. It’s about love. It’s about being the woman you want to be across your WHOLE life, not just when you’re standing in front of the bathroom mirror.

Your beliefs about your body’s good-enough-ness impact all the other areas of your life.

Your courage and confidence at work.

Your self esteem and vulnerability in relationships.

The way you show up in social settings (if you show up at all).

Whether you use your voice to share your opinion. Whether you stand up for what you believe in. Whether you ask for (and go after) the things you really want.

ALL of it.

That’s why The Body Course exists – to offer you a way of uplifting your relationship with your body (aka: your relationship with YOURSELF) without diets, pills, torturous workouts or some robotic ‘system’.

What is The Body Course?

The Body Course is a 10-week online program for women who want to be connected, joyful, and at home in their bodies.

The course is delivered mostly through audios that you can download and listen to anywhere, anytime. Each week, you’ll also receive short videos, writing prompts, worksheets and a guided meditation to support you through powerful inner and outer work.

PLUS! There are LIVE weekly body dates for real-time discussion and Q&A. (This is everyone’s favorite!)


The Body Course will help you be kinder to yourself NOW, instead of waiting on your body to change so that you can feel good about yourself later (hint: that never works).


Who is Annika Martins?

Let’s start with what I’m not: I’m not a nutritionist, dietitian, personal trainer, doctor, naturopath, or any kind of medical professional.

I’ve been a life coach off and on for 6 years, but what I think is most important is that I’m a woman who woke up one day and decided to do something about the fact that body insecurity was limiting me professionally, socially and romantically.

I became obsessed with creating the opposite body experience. Instead of denial or even neutral acceptance, I wanted connection, trust and damn-I-feel-good-ness.

But there was a problem…

In the beginning, I came across a lot of body positivity and self love messages that, after I looked a bit more deeply, were just a prettier version of diet culture. They claimed compassion and self appreciation, but it was all conditional on making our bodies smaller.

And using body love as window dressing for the idea that smaller bodies are better bodies… Nah, not interested.

You can change your body paradigm.

I decided to go a different way; to opt out of the weight loss hamster wheel so that I could focus on my quality of life and peace of mind. I focused on questions like this:

  • When a woman stops believing that her body is a problem that needs to be fixed, what becomes possible in her life?
  • What practical steps can she take to enhance her feelings of worthiness, self-respect, and maybe most importantly, her faith in herself?
  • What needs to change for her to relate to her body as the source of her greatest intuition, power, movement, and pleasure?

Those are the questions that matter most to me.

The Body Course is a gathering together of the answers I’ve found.

  • “This course is the missing link! It takes the work from your head into your daily life - it really blew me away. Annika is a wise and intuitive facilitator. Her humor keeps it light, while at the same time she’s direct and teaches from her heart.” Joanie Shulman
  • The Body Course was really over and above what I expected. It was so good to go through this while starting my own business, because it definitely helped squash my self-doubt and follow through with my plans. I'm more assertive than I've ever been in all areas of my life, and I feel so much less guilt than I did before. Annika is everything that a leader and teacher should be. Not manipulative. Always calm, wise, and practical. She's the perfect amount of light and groundedness. Jillian Spangler

When you sign up for The Body Course, you’ll get:

10 weeks of audios, videos, meditations and The Body Course Handbook.
Each week’s theme will introduce a new body insight or set of habits. In addition, you’ll get 3 versions of each week’s action step, so whether you want to go faster or slower, you’ve got options.

Our weekly themes are:

  • Self Talk Upgrade: If the only thing that changes is the repetitive, negative thoughts you think about your body, that alone will TRANSFORM your life. This week, you’ll learn how to interrupt, reverse and replace body-bashing thoughts.
  • Kind (and Fierce) Boundaries: Do you know what it’s like to feel trampled by other people’s energy? Their judgement of your body? Their opinion of your opinions? This week, you’ll practice energy management techniques to soothe body anxiety, and stop absorbing other people’s stuff.
  • Let It Go: Your past DOES matter, but the trick is to acknowledge what you experienced without being consumed by it. This week is about letting go of whatever (or whoever) has tried to define you and your body.
  • Move It: Not really into the idea that “Sure, exercise hurts, but yayyy do it every day!“? This week brings a shift in the way you move your body – from obligation to energizing.
  • Food as Joy – not a sedative: This week, you’ll experience a special 90 minutes, hands-on workshop to help identify (and start to change) unconscious food and eating habits.
  • Tribe & Influencers: This week is about cleaning up your (obvious and not-so-obvious) body influencers. After the clearing, you’ll start building new, body-kind connections and inspiring role models.
  • Joy NOW: You know that long list of “maybe someday” items? This week is about bringing them into the NOW, because joy in your life always brings more joy in your body.
  • Sensuality & Adornment: Pleasure. Satisfaction. Feeling goooood. Instead of waiting and wishing for life to (maybe) hand you these things, during these two weeks you’ll explore how to activate and enhance your sensual self (whatever that means to you).
  • The Daily Art of Being A Radiant Woman: What happens after this course? How do you keep it all going? This week makes certain that The Body Course is only the beginning of a kinder, more vibrant YOU.

LIVE Body Dates every week.
(Everyone’s favorite!) Every single week, we’ll get together LIVE to expand on the week’s theme and help you refocus if you’ve slipped back into old routines and harmful thought patterns. It’ll be one part body date and one part Q&A (anything goes – really!), conversation, and community.

No worries if you can’t make every one live. You’ll be able to access the recordings immediately after each live session. Our LIVE Body Dates will take place at 12pm PST / 3pm EST on the following dates:

Wednesday, February 7th
Wednesday, February 14th
Wednesday, February 21st
Wednesday, February 28th
Wednesday, March 7th
Wednesday, March 14th
Wednesday, March 21st
Wednesday, March 28th
Wednesday, April 4th
Wednesday, April 11th

Private Facebook group.
Our weekly LIVE Body Dates will happen here, but that’s not all! This group is where you’ll access extra resources, mantras, inspiring stories, book suggestions, and much more. This is also the place to connect with the other women in the course. If you want to fill your life with more positive, whole-hearted women with similar body values, you’ll find them here.

  • “This is one of the best investments I’ve made in my well-being. I’ve learned how to soothe and de-fang my nasty voices, I’m better at asking for help, more relaxed, and I’m paying attention to my body’s needs like never before. Annika's focus on inner AND outer work is perfection! I wouldn't change a thing.” Linda Mercury

For your body.
For your life.

The Body Course is $333 USD per month for 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

So are you saying that you don’t want women to lose weight?
Cultivating confidence and self love SO THAT you lose weight is a formula that feels gross to me, so if that’s what you’re looking for, The Body Course is not it.

You might lose weight during this process – when I started, I definitely did. But weight loss is not the holy grail of The Body Course. My goal with this course is to provide a space for women who no longer want to be defined by pounds and inches.

Is this a group program?
Not in the traditional sense. A group of women will be going through it at the same time, but as you’ll see in my answer to the next question, no component of the program requires working directly with the other women going through the course.

I’m very private. Do I have to share personal details with the entire group?
During our weekly LIVE sessions, I’m going to invite you to answer questions, offer comments, and share about your experiences, but this is entirely optional. I bet that connecting with like-minded friends and having a confidential space to explore your aha moments and progress will feel like sweetness and you’ll want to share, but it’s 100% up to you.

Is this just for women?
The Body Course is open only for people who identify as women.

How do the payments work exactly?
When you register today, you’ll be charged $333. That same amount will be charged to the same payment method 30 days from today, and the third and final payment will be charged 30 days after that.

How much time per week do I need to set aside for this?
It varies, but each audio is usually no more than 10 minutes long, and most weeks include at least 2 audios. At least one hour each week is ideal.

What is your refund policy?
All sales are final. If you’re feeling unsure, I have 3 pieces of advice:

  1. Sometimes, hesitation is a reflection of the fear of looking deeply at ourselves and our past experiences. I avoided the body topic for years until I saw how it was holding me back in every area of my life. That realization made me red hot angry, so I promised myself I was going to change things. If you feel that, and you like my vibe, I suggest taking a deep breath and going for it.
  2. Or, your hesitation might mean that you don’t gel with my approach, or my personal style of communicating. That’s a totally understandable reason to not sign up.
  3. Shoot me an email and tell me your concerns (annika @ annika I promise I will be honest if I don’t think this is right for you. And ultimately… Deep down, you already know what you want to do. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask your heart. She knows.


  • Annika was one of the people I turned to when I wanted to get cozy in my postpartum body, which also had a lot to do with stepping into greater realms of visibility in my work. All these months later, our conversations are still planted inside me. She is brilliant, hilarious and her offerings are simply delicious. Mara Glatzel
  • Annika's approach is super holistic AND realistic. It’s not just a bunch of half-hearted mantras or generic dietary advice. She gets us ladies in touch with our intuition, joy and helps us reconnect to our bodies in an honest way; a way that opens up the possibility of a lifelong friendship with your body. Plus, she delivers all this with her unique wit and realness - so needed in this space! Stephanie Watanabe

Who will you be when you fully show up?
When you wear whatever the hell you want?
When you use your voice?
When you stand in your truth?
Who will you be?

Join me in The Body Course. Let’s find out.

Annika Martins