Bringing sacred objects into your spiritual practice.

Even though I stopped referring to myself as a Catholic over a decade ago, I have held on to a few rosary beads, prayer books, candles and a couple Virgin Mary figurines.

Other items, I ditched without a moment’s hesitation, but the tenderness I felt toward these particular pieces was so powerful, I couldn’t throw them away.

So what did I do with these objects?


Even though they still felt special to me, I thought they were somehow off limits if I wasn’t a practicing member of the church.

I wasn’t sure what to do with them, so they sat tucked away in drawers for years. Until recently…

Stephanie Watanabe

Redefining my relationship to the objects from my former religious life has created so much ease and joy in the way I now use and relate to these objects.

It’s also taken away the guilt and worry I used to feel about ‘doing it wrong’.

And because I want this for you too, I’m SO excited to share the very first episode of AnnikaTV with you today!

Click below to watch my interview with Stephanie Watanabe.

We talk about how she’s incorporated the Buddhist altar she inherited from her grandmother into her spiritual practice – even though Stephanie is not Buddhist herself.

This kinda thing makes me giddy: people building a spiritual practice on THEIR terms – no one else’s. (click this to share this episode)

Make sure you watch all the way through to catch Stephanie’s very simple but powerful suggestion for how we can all begin to re-integrate our special objects into our lives.

Leave a comment below and tell me:

Is there a sacred object in your home that you want to reconnect with? What is it? What do you think of Stephanie’s ‘making space’ idea?

We can reclaim and redefine our relationship to any object in our home – even if it came from an organization we’re no longer part of.

Here’s to making our own rules!

Big love,