Can’t sit still? Gratitude walks might be the spiritual practice for you.

Has all the talk about seated, silent meditations ever made your skin itch?

Ever think something must be wrong with you if you can’t meditate as easily as everyone else?

Or worse, that a ‘real’ spiritual connection is only available to traditional meditators, so that’s never going to happen for you?

No, no, my sweet.

You’re not wrong or weird or messed up in any way if a seated, still meditation doesn’t float your boat.

Here’s one of my favorite sayings: “Everything ain’t for everybody.” Amen.

Your not-so-great feelings about being physically still may continue for a few months, years or your entire lifetime. Either way, there are still a ton of ways for you to create the high-holy spiritual connection you want right now.

Today on AnnikaTV, I’m talking with Wendi Knox. She’s got an idea I think you might want to try out: gratitude walks – good for the cardiovascular heart and good for the soul heart. A win-win!

If you’ve ever ached with ‘Can’t Sit Still Syndrome’, this one is especially for you.

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And if you’re wondering why making gratitude a major part of these walks even matters, here’s a word from the scientists:

Multiple studies have found that people who practice gratitude experience:

  • Stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure
  • Higher levels of positive emotions (aka: joy, optimism + happiness!)
  • Act with more generosity and compassion
  • Feel less lonely and isolated

Is there anything on that list you don’t want? Me neither. Gimme them all!

Click below to dive into the gratitude walks conversation with Wendi.

Holy bonus: she shares an extra useful tip for what to do on the days when things kinda suck and you’re not feeling very happy-go-lucky grateful.

Tell me in the comments:

When and where are you going to take your first gratitude walk? I’ll go first!