The Body Course:
Sept 2017 (soon!)

Do you know anyone who went from hardcore body shame to bikinis and short dresses by accident?

I sure don’t.

The change in my body relationship only happened when I became deliberate about it; when I decided that I was sick of feeling so damn shitty in my skin.

If you know that feeling (that “I’m so DONE with my body holding me back!” feeling), you might be interested in this:

I’m putting all the details, tools, practices, concepts, resources, EVERYTHING that helped me transform my body relationship into one place. And I’ve given that place a very fancy name: The Body Course.

I’m going to walk you through the exact process that took me from hiding my body (which also includes hiding your true feelings, opinion, ambition, creative voice, sexual self, and on and on) to living with so much more confidence and ease.

It’ll be ready Fall 2017. To find out more, enter your email below.