Show up for the community and the individual.

The call to become more politically and socially conscious and engaged is ringing loud and clear, and I’m saluting those bells. There’s major systemic work to be done in every country (not just America).

But also, I’m wondering this… What about your personal work?

For years, a lot of us have been so focused on our individual stories and priorities that we’ve missed (or straight up ignored) the larger cultural stories unfolding around us.

And we’ve seen the error in that and we’re working to turn it around. But I’ve noticed some folks swinging the pendulum in the opposite direction, diving headlong into others-oriented work so completely that their individual story seems to be falling off the map.

Of course, some of our individual healing and growth will naturally happen through engaging and supporting others, but not all of it. Personal growth needs an intentional space and focus of its own.

Community healing is not more important than personal healing. They need each other. We need them both.

We’re part of the whole and we’re also individual selves, and it’s mighty dangerous to fixate on one arena and ignore the other.

We need the political and the intimate.
The external and the internal.

I’m doing my best to be thoughtful and intentional about my personal work AND my role in broader community work, and I hope you’re doing the same.

Because we cannot heal the world if we keep avoiding our own stuff – and eeeeverybody and their mama has stuff.

We’re all works in progress. Our wholeness needs our attention.