Craving a posse of new friends? Consider this…

I used to envy those women with 400 ‘besties’.

The allure of rolling with a big posse of women was strong. And that’s fine because there’s nothing wrong with having (or wanting) a big crew.

What is problematic is equating words like ‘friendship’ and ‘tribe’ with volume.

Because quantity has nothing on quality.

Assuming that our friendships are only meaningful if they’re plentiful means that if your BFF is your husband, or you’ve ‘just’ got two soul sister relationships, you might be inadvertently minimizing the treasures in front of you, simply because there aren’t more of them.

But whether it’s one brick or a stack of them, gold is still gold.

A small circle can be mighty.
A single bond can lift you high, high, high.

Of course, want what you want. If you want 6 or 12 or 100 close-knit friendships, keep the vision for that strong. Go out in the world and make yourself available. Throw your arms open to receive serendipities of all kinds.

But don’t cheapen the value of the people already in your corner just because there’s only a few of them.

Cherish who you have because they’re smart and loyal and kind, and also because love (not lack) is the only thing that opens the door to more.