Curious about chant? A Beginner’s Guide.

It’s not that I’m skeptical about chant.

When I sing (usually in cars, with the windows rolled up) I feel all kinds of divine, so the idea of using our voice to connect to something holy isn’t a difficult leap for me.

The reason I’ve avoided trying to chant until now is that I didn’t think I was ‘spiritual enough’.

I used to think of spirituality as a series of obstacle courses we had to complete successfully before being given permission to move onto the next level. And chant was in the Advanced Light Arts level that was very, very far off for me.

I had plenty of excuses for why I wouldn’t even attempt chanting. Stuff like:

Chant is for monks and other people who wear turbans and linen robes.

Or chanting is what happens when people fast for days and go on a vision-quest in the desert.

Bottom line, I believed: Chant is only for the uber-spiritual.

Crazy talk.

As if spirituality is some hierarchical system and you’ve got to accomplish 7 special tasks before you get promoted to the next rung on the ladder.

As if we need some fancy authority figure or a system of blue ribbons and pats on the back to assure us that we’re ‘spiritual enough’.

Like my favorite scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall says: Boolshit.

And since I realize now what boolshit thinking that was, I’m especially grateful for today’s AnnikaTV guest, who’s answering these three questions for us:

What is chanting?
Why would I want to do it?
If I do want to try it, how can I get started?

In today’s episode of AnnikaTV, I’m talking with Tabby Biddle about chanting.

Tabby talks openly about her chanting practice, the words she chants, what they mean to her and gives a super simple suggestion for how you can have your own chanting experience right now.

Oh, and for those of you who’ve heard the expression ‘Divine Feminine’ and wondered what the heck that means, she offers her lovely definition of that term, too.

Click play below to watch today’s AnnikaTV conversation.

And when you’re done watching, I’d love for you to take 30 seconds (or as much time as feels good) and chant the word Tabby suggests at the end of the video.

Repeat it at whatever speed you like. Try varying the pitch and the volume. And then come down to the comments and tell me:

How did it feel?

What did you notice during and after you chanted?

Big love,

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Loving today’s #AnnikaTV: a beginner’s guide to chanting. @annikamartins @tabbybiddle

Anyone else curious about chanting? This #AnnikaTV conversation breaks it down. Human-speak.

I didn’t reeeeally get what ‘Divine Feminine’ meant, until I watched this: