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Ashley Turner Hating (and then loving) yoga, introversion and more.

Ashley Turner loved her church-centric upbringing. She’s got bright + happy stories of church camp, choir practice and Sunday School.

Refreshing, right? In a sea of “Religion banged me up!” stories, hearing about her nourishing church years is inspiring.

But after being rejected from all the sororities she applied to in college, and sinking into a deep depression, a friend expanded her spiritual horizons by giving her one special cassette tape (technology throwback!).

Soon, Ashley began to incorporate Eastern traditions, and eventually became a yoga and meditation teacher, an ordained priestess and a psychotherapist.

In this episode of The Sacred Podcast, we hit high points like:

  • why my on-again, off-again relationship with yoga might have something to do with ‘feminine spirituality’
  • what the ‘discipline’ of our relationships has to do with spirituality
  • how introverts can honor their solo time without becoming social hermits

Plus, she shares what her daily spiritual practice looks like, with lots of specificity (I love it when people go into the details – super fascinating!).

Press play below to listen in.


Books + Resources mentioned on this episode:
Ram Dass – Be Here Now
Danielle LaPorte – The Desire Map

Where to find Ashley:

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