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Jen Louden

She’s a bestselling author (6 books, over a million copies in print in 9 languages). She hasn’t worked a traditional j-o-b since 1985. Oh, and she became a newlywed – at 49. Today’s guest on The Sacred Podcast is Jen Louden.

This conversation went all over the place. We touched on high points like:

  • is spirituality really the same if we’re just “making it up”?
  • what is the ultimate point of spirituality, anyway?
  • is there such a thing as destiny?
  • why Jenn thinks spirituality needs to be rigorous, not just supportive.
  • And she also popped out this gem:

    This episode triggered a lot of deep reflection for me. Some beliefs I’ve been walking with felt rattled by Jenn’s comments.

    If you have a similar reaction (to this or any future podcast episode), here’s a thought:

    Instead of feeling bummed because you’re now thinking that your way must be “wrong” or maybe even getting defensive, can you stay with the discomfort and get curious about it?

    What about this idea is unsettling or upsetting?
    Why would that idea trigger me? What is this really about?
    Does this person’s statement feel applicable to my own life experience? Or not? (“Not” is a whole and complete answer, loves.)

    I pray that these conversations would be launchpads for your own spiritual exploration and evolution. Whether you are immediately on board with something a guest says or not, remember the question we talked about in the first episode with Ronna Detrick:

    What does this have to teach me?

    In all things, there is a lesson.

    Always love,

    Books + Resources mentioned on this episode:
    Ram Dass – Be Here Now
    Jennifer Louden – The Life Organizer
    Carol Dweck – Mindset

    Where to find Jen:

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