Being a dreamer does NOT make you lazy. My Future Visualization.

3 min visualization

Years ago I posted something on Twitter about the power of spending time every day dreaming about your future. A friend huffily said, “Dreaming!?! How about taking ACTION instead?”

Here’s what I didn’t say to her then, and I’m saying to you now:

Dreaming of your future IS an action. It’s part of how you consciously create, and plan for, your upcoming reality.

It’s short-sighted to focus only on the boots doing the walking. We also need to pay attention to the brain that told the feet in those boots to move in the first place.

Vision and action go hand in hand. Boot in boot.

I used to think it was enough to casually consider the future I wanted. I would let the whisper of those dreams float across my mind at random, and figured that was just fine.

But that casual consideration of my future made me susceptible to other people’s ideals and dreams for my tomorrow. So instead of making choices that came from my heart, I was floating along with the status quo and ignoring the low-grade dissatisfaction ticking through my days.

That all began to shift when I started spending just 3 minutes every day, sitting with my eyes closed, dreaming up the future I truly wanted.

And boombamshazam. Opportunities, resources and exciting ideas started to roll in.

And to be clear…

It wasn’t that I just sat there in visualization-mode and Life plopped all these shiny objects on my lap. Sometimes, those 3 minutes generated ideas and plans that required hard work and plenty-plenty sweat from me. Sometimes, during those 3 minutes, a person I hadn’t spoken to in years would flash across my mind, and it turned out they were the perfect person to help with a problem I was struggling with. Sometimes, those 3 minutes just made me feel good, so I was a kinder, more patient person for the rest of the day.

Spending time dreaming about the future you desire isn’t some hokey justification for extreme detachment or laziness. It’s a way that you’re consciously and actively creating your life, instead of just passively stumbling around in it.

What does your 3 Minute Future look like?

Let’s do it right now. Set a timer. Close your eyes and spend the next 3 minutes ‘seeing’ the future you want – in your business, in your relationships, in your body, in your joy.

Be open to receiving insights, guidance and encouragement.

Feel it, know it, and activate that future for yourself. Now.