Healthy vs Unhealthy ‘good enough’ thinking.

good enough

There are 2 kinds of ‘good enough’.

The healthy kind shows up when you’re in perfectionist-mode, obsessing over the details, second-guessing and making forty-eleventeen changes, instead of actually finishing the painting, publishing the blog post, or ordering new business cards.

Telling yourself, “It’s good enough. Share it with the world.” serves you when you’ve crossed over into thinking that your work is a reflection of your worthiness – to do the work at all, to speak your voice, to breathe, to exist. (It’s not.)

The healthy good enough comes in to help you ease your grip on the perfection no one can ever attain anyway. It’s about honoring your inherent goodness, and the good in what you’ve created. It’s about trusting that your creativity is infinite and you will be able to generate more, more, more. The healthy ‘good enough’ says:

You’re already worthy. Plus, you can do more (better) tomorrow, so let’s move on, sister.

And then there’s the unhealthy good enough.

This one asks you to believe that lackluster relationships (or none at all) are normal. It’s the good enough that says that you don’t have what it takes to be a creative, so just focus on the pay check and the vacation you’ll take 5 months from now.

That kind of good enough conditions you to believe that mediocrity and “It’s okay” is how your life is supposed to feel. It’s ho-hum, and mehhhhh.

The unhealthy ‘good enough’ isn’t satisfying because it’s not supposed to be.

You are wired for joy, passion, love. If you are perpetually feeling the opposite of those things (boredom, dissatisfaction, isolation), Life is trying to tell you something.

This ain’t where you’re supposed to be.
It’s time for something else.

Where in your life have you accepted that second kind of good enough? Where in your life have you settled for less than what your heart truly desires?

And the more important question: What are you going to do about it?

Because you CAN do something about it.


PS. New thing! I’ve updated my Work with Me page to include single coaching sessions. If your heart feels called to make a change in your business or life, and something about me resonates, let’s talk.