The Holiday Workshop:
Food as Joy (not a sedative)

Back-to-back holiday festivities can be full of triggers that have you turning to food for comfort. Triggers like:

The pressure to get all chummy with relatives you rarely see and don’t know.

Being asked highly personal questions in front of a big group of people, who you may or may not feel emotionally safe with.

Being on the receiving end of ‘jokes’ that actually hurt like hell.

Noise. Constant conversation. Loud music. Twinkly lights gone wild. Crying babies. Crying grownups. More noise. It’s A LOT of stimulation.

And highly sensitive people will often respond to overstimulation by reaching for food.

Food to comfort your frazzled nerves.

Food to numb the insecurity alarms clanging in your head.

Food to distract you from your discomfort.

(Sidenote: Maybe your “food” is wine? Or egg nog?)

And that’s why I’ve created this:
food workshop - annika martins
Because I want this holiday season to be different for you and the truckloads of food around you.

Because there are ways to soothe yourself through stress without gorging on pumpkin pie.

The Food as Joy (not a sedative) online workshop will teach you tools and techniques to interact with the buffet table more mindfully, so that you enjoy food, instead of using it as a sedative.

In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Tips on eating mindfully instead of eating your emotions
  • If you do overeat or binge on chocolate turtles, how to respond to any feelings of guilt or shame in the moment, so you don’t end up freediving into the egg nog
  • How to tell the difference between a healthy once-a-year indulgence and anxiety-driven eating
  • Techniques for conscious eating, even when you’re surrounded by so.many.people and so much stimulation
  • What to say (and do) if someone pressures you to eat more than you actually want, or if someone ‘jokingly’ suggests you should eat less
  • Self-care ideas so you know how to soothe yourself consciously instead of seeking comfort from gi-normous amounts of food.

DATE: December 7th

TIME: 3pm – 5pm EST / 12pm – 2pm PST.

WHERE: On your lovely computer. The whole thing will be on video. The camera will move between me talking to you and the slide deck.

All you need is an internet connection and something to write on.

A little bit more about the workshop format:
Using stories and personal examples, I’m going to walk you through each of the topics above and then give you a related writing prompt or exercise to do right there on the spot, so you’ll be more prepared and aware before going into your next holiday party.

And definitely bring questions about your specific situation and concerns. I’ll answer everything live.

And one last thing: This workshop is a complete experience – meaning that all the work gets done together, live in our virtual workshop room. No extra weeks of work required.

It’s a get in – get out – and Happy Brussel Sprouts! kind of experience.
Food as Joy (not a sedative) is $50 USD. Click the button below to sign up.



What if I can’t make it live?
No problem. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive the full 2 hour recording, so you can recreate the workshop experience whenever works for you.

Will there be time for Q&A?
LOTS of it. Bring all your situation-specific questions and I’ll work with you to find the right answer for your situation.

What is your refund policy?
All sales are final, so if the workshop description doesn’t feel like a “Yes, I need this!” maybe it’s not right for you.