How to pray (even if you’re not religious).

When I stopped identifying myself as a Christian, I bought into the idea that prayer belonged to religion alone.

I thought that if I was leaving religion, I would have to leave prayer behind, too.

Almost 2 decades later I realized: that’s dumb.

So I released the old version of prayer I’d grown up with.

No more formal language that felt totally foreign and inauthentic. No more phrases that suggested I was a minion on God’s shoe begging for time or attention.

Instead, I customized every word of every prayer, so it sounded like the way I naturally speak. And I expanded my definition of who/what I was actually praying to.

Prayer has led me to some of my best ideas, helped me make compassionate (and healthy) decisions in my relationships and most importantly, the more I pray, the more I feel a deep sense of peace in my life.

If I’m a junkie for anything, it’s Peace. Of mind. Of heart.

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So, on the chance that re-defining your relationship to prayer could inspire and uplift your peace of mind (and heart), too, I suggest you take a look at today’s AnnikaTV episode.

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In this episode, I’m talking with Britt Michaelian about prayer.

Like me, Britt has chosen a definition of prayer that has nothing to do with religion. Her prayers are fluid, happen all throughout the day and are a beautiful experience she shares with her kids, too.

Click play below to watch this conversation.

After you’ve watched, I’d love to hear from you in the comments:

What’s been your definition of prayer so far?

Has that been working for you? Does something about it need to change?