For my entrepreneurs who are keeping themselves invisible…

I created an online program that I was deeply passionate about, but when it was done, I didn’t actually ‘launch’ it. I quietly put up a page on my site. I buried a link to it from one blog post. I said very little about it on social media. Why? For several reasons. One is that I hated all the graphics.

I am not a designer, but aesthetics really matter to me. I have deep respect for the art of kerning, the rule of thirds and having things ‘just so’. So I hid the program I’d spent months creating, because the promotional graphics I paid someone to design weren’t pretty enough.

Do you smell the steaming pile of RIDICULOUS?

Sometimes, we have justifiable reasons for laying low. Sometimes, being invisible is a prerequisite to being seen. Sometimes, delaying makes it possible to blast off with bigger power and resonance.

But most of the time, choosing to be invisible is not strategic or healthy. Most of the time, we let the flimsiest reasons keep us (and the gifts we have to give) in the dark, because we’re terrified that we’re not good enough.

Maybe your website isn’t winning any design awards, but if your products and services actually WORK, we don’t care if your sales page includes a damn awful shade of green.

Maybe you don’t have the fancy certifications and degrees So-And-So does, but if your 7 years of real-world experience can help us solve a problem we’re struggling with, we don’t care whether you went to college or not.

If you have wisdom to share, experience and heart to offer, bring it up. Tell me the story of it. Give me a damn URL.

Don’t keep your good stuff hidden because you don’t have stellar Instagram imagery. (The people who write you off because they don’t like your font game are definitely not your people anyway.)

For those of us who are your people, give us what ya got. We want it. We need it. We really, really do.