Food as a spiritual practice.

We all eat.

At least, I hope you do. Several times a day.

But very often, buying and preparing food is just a function we perform. Nutrients in. Hunger satisfied. Headache healed.

But isn’t that kinda boring? What if we could get more from our food?

What if food itself created a daily opportunity for us to feel the spiritual connection we want in our lives? Satisfying both our bellies and our spirits.

Could meal time be part of your spiritual practice?

For today’s guest, it is.

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Today on AnnikaTV, I’m talking with Jules Blaine Davis.

Jules feels spiritually connected through her food – the places and farmers she buys it from, the textures and flavors of it, the utensils in her kitchen and in the preparation of the food itself.

Nourishing her body and her family members’ is one way that she has found to nourish her spiritual self. And that’s how a spiritual practice should feel: nourishing.

This episode hits on one of my core beliefs: ANYTHING can be spiritual – if you say it is. No one can tell you otherwise. (click to tweet)

If you prepare meals for yourself and/or your family, click play below to watch this episode. I think your fridge and your soul will thank you. 🙂

And then please pop down here and tell me in the comments:

What food triggers the beauty factor for you?

Would love to hear what you’re cooking up (or planning to)!

All my yummy love,