No thanks, Mr Manifestation Guru. I’m NOT the creator of my universe.

A new mother, with nowhere to live and not a dime to her name, looked at her fresh baby girl and said, “God, you raise her. I’ll help.”

When I first heard this woman’s story, her words stuck under my ribs.

I popped another hummus-drenched carrot into my mouth, intending to watch the conversation go somewhere else, but these words would not leave me.

You know those times when you hear or read something profound and you’re all “Ya, ya, I already know that” so you just keep on scrolling down to the next Facebook post or flip to the next page of the book? It was one of those moments for me.

My immediate reaction was just to keep rolling right on past this young mother’s prayer.

But sometimes, that seed of truth you just heard or read is so necessary for where you are right at that moment, that it grabs hold of your insides and won’t let go.

You haven’t received what it came to give you yet, so the wisdom has decided to stick around.

I think that’s one of the ways God (the Universe, your Higher Self, whatever you believe in) communicates with us.

Through tiny jolts of insight; the ones that don’t just float in one ear and out the other. Those little dashes of thought that get stuck inside and keep rolling around, echoing.

Here’s why I think this mother’s prayer stuck inside me:
I’ve been reading a lot about manifestation lately. I’m deep into the zone of self-responsibility, creating the life you want, drop that victim card and MAKE IT HAPPEN hoorah and all that jazz.

And in their healthiest versions, I’m still all about those principles.


The constant refrain of You can do it! It’s all within your hands! You have the power! You can do it! had me tricked.

I bought the snake oil that says that everything I want to see materialize in my life is wholly up to me. It’s not. Never was.

Prayer or life visioning or self-responsibility is not about barking your orders at the Universe through a loud speaker. Here’s what I want. Hurry up and deliver!

And it’s not about picking up your over-burdened knapsack and summiting the mountain on your own. Because it doesn’t matter how well you’ve trained or how pro your gear is, you will never get up there entirely by yourself.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.29.02 AMEverything we’ve ever achieved was a joint effort between us + the HolyHoly. Everything.

The minute we forget that it’s a team sport, we’re done for.

I forgot.

I sat down one afternoon and mapped out the next 12 months of my life. The plan was crystal clear.

I decided what I was going to do, what I was going to achieve, what I was going to make happen, what I was going to experience.

I was talking to God like its only role was to provide the tools because I was so damn awesome that I could carve the masterpiece myself.

And then, holy hallelujah, I heard the words:

“God, you raise her. I’ll help.”

I needed to be reminded that this kind of sacred trust and surrender is what true manifestation, what real co-creation, looks like.

We’re making it happen together, with the Sacred, the Spirit, the Highest High leading the way.

Not dominating. Not oppressing. Not minimizing. Leading.

The way the sun casts a path for its beams of light. The way the current guides the bajillions of water droplets that make up the river.

And when I remembered that, my shoulders dropped a couple inches. I exhaled a whole lotta stuff. I allowed myself to trust that I would be carried, as I did my work.

So I’ve got a new vibe going on this manifestation thing. I’m going to ease up on the Ra-Ra I’m the Creator of My Reality! schtick and go deeper into this, instead:

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.29.02 AMCarry me, while I do my work.

Yes, you are responsible for creating your life, for directing it deliberately and consciously. It’s not up to your parents or the government or the Kardashian’s.


You do not carry the responsibility by yourself. You are not alone on the road of Life Design.

We each have a crew of spiritual allies keeping step with us. Do whatever you have to do to regularly remind yourself of that fact.

It’s the union of you (human) and that (spirit) that is the creator. So link your hands together tight, whisper some hoorah sass to the trees and get to creating.