Great design is in the details. The mistake of only talking to God about your BIG decisions.

Imagine building a house with no insulation. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on organic skin care but refusing to take a multi-vitamin. Or (the most maddening scene for me to imagine): driving a car with no cup holders.

In each of these scenarios, a small and crucial detail (yes, cup holders are crucial) was overlooked.

BIG trumped small.
EXTERNAL crushed internal.
OBVIOUS booted out subtlety.

Some of us do this in our relationship with spirit, too.

The divine is our go-to when we get in a car accident, when the diagnosis comes through, or when your childhood sweetheart proposes in a text message. There, in those grand, gasp-worthy moments, we ask for holy intervention. We pray for signs. We pull a card, or swing the pendulum. We lean on the sacred something serious when a mondo-huge situation arrives.

But when we’re selecting the nail salon for our birthday pedicure… or debating whether dessert will be a gelato cone or a bowl of popcorn… or getting dressed on just another Monday morning… we’re missing out on major sacred smarts if we don’t ask God to chime in there, too.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.29.02 AMThe simpleness of your everyday choices is the fascia that holds your existence in place.

The seemingly mundane and irrelevant choices (none of them are, by the way) are the building blocks of your grand design. So lean your ear out and listen there, too.

Don’t just ask the universe whether you should get divorced or not. Or whether you should go back to school or take the job on the other side of the country.

Ask the divine what food you should eat to get the nutrients your body is lacking. Ask whether the purple dress or black leggings are the fullest reflection of YOU that particular Thursday. Ask about vino vs vodka and ginger vs chamomile.

Otherwise, you’re sorta like that relative who only calls when you have a big fat favor to ask. There’s a wealth of connection, love and resources that will forever remain untapped for that person, because they’ve been mislead to believe that the only decisions and crossroads that matter, the only ones we need help to get across, are the huge, Hallmark-card-themed kinds. And that’s just plain ‘ol incorrect.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.29.02 AMListen in the smallness. The miracles of your life live there.

Life, the cosmos, universal consciousness, whateveryouwannacallit is guiding every step, including the small ones. So if you are only praying and meditating and seeking on the major milestone decisions, you are leaving a whack of divine input on the table. Unused and unfulfilled GOLD.

When you ask to be guided in ALL things, life will tell you that you need carrots this week. And to choose the bubble bath prayer session over the fire pit dance party. Life will tell you to send an email instead of calling, or to never call again.

Instead of limiting your spirited questions to the emergency room, the wedding or the new job, what would happen if what to eat for breakfast and whether to drive your usual route home, were questions you put to God as well?

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.29.02 AMEven in micro choices, divine guidance is available. Show respect – give her a gentle squeeze.

God isn’t interested in just a few of your bits and special events. Life wants to be along for the whole ride. Clear the crap off the seat and let it sit down.