Holiday anxiety? 2 ways to handle overwhelm.

In addition to all the glorious pies (God bless the pies), the holiday season usually brings a long list of events and to-do’s that can quickly lead to holy-freaking-out-overwhelm-anxiety-city.

Mostly, I think of anxiety as a red flag trying to tell me something.

Am I supposed to get the heck out of this situation, stat?
Do I need to set a firm boundary with Uncle So-and-So?
Am I overly invested in what others think of me?

When I feel the anxiety wave coming down in public, I head to… the bathroom. No matter where I am, I can use one (or sometimes both) of my anxiety-melting bathroom techniques. They bring relief every time.

I went into detail about this on a recent Periscope broadcast, and I pulled out an excerpt here for you. Press play to watch.

The Body Awareness meditation I mention in the video lives here.

Maybe for some of us, anxiety will be a constant part of our world. But I don’t accept the idea that we should just roll over and let our lives be steam-rolled by our anxious tendencies.

Finding the right way for you to respond to your anxiety is what true self-care is about.

I hope this holiday season, and always, you’ll use the tools you’ve got (or experiment with new ones) to care for yourself, in the exact way that you need.

With pie + love,