Got some superficial, kinda vain patterns? Totally fine.

I used to feel so guilty for binge-watching entire movie series (like Twilight or Fast & Furious) over a few days.

And beyond the binge-shame, I was generally embarrassed that I got so much joy from movies that are marketed to teenage boys and tween girls. Thank Toretto, I found my way to this:

It’s okay to like what you like.

Of course, some of our patterns are clearly rooted in trauma and unconsciousness, but many of them are fine, healthy expressions of who we are and what feels good to us.

And when we give ourselves permission to feel the good feelings that come from enjoying whatever we enjoy (a TV show about vampires, a pop star’s music, celebrity news, whatever), a wonderful thing happens: We’re happier. Ta da!

Life gets a whole lot more peaceful, the right people come in, the not-so-right folks leave, and things that weren’t working before start to resolve, one way or the other.

I believe that deep down, you already know if a particular pattern is no bueno, or if it’s actually a source of joy or healthy curiosity.

You don’t need anyone’s permission or validation. You already know.

When I finally got this, it felt like a sweet breeze of relief to declare that #Iaintsorry about liking tough men in fast cars or stories about obsessive, vampiric love.

Because we can be a little high brow and all-the-way low too, and that mish mash of preferences and enjoyments is just fine, because it is always okay to like what you like.