A prayer for people who take care of everyone else but not themselves.

A Prayer for People Who Take Care of Everyone Else, But Not Themselves.

Read this prayer out loud. Mean it. Pour it from your heart. It’s not a blog post. It’s a prayer. PRAY it.

Hey, Life / God / Mama Moon / Mother Nature / Heart / Soul / Higher Self.

In the past, I’ve talked a good talk. I’ve talked about setting boundaries and telling him how I really feel. I’ve talked about looking her in the eye and saying ‘no’.

Oh yes, my talk has been quite sweet.

But really, until now, it was mostly just that: talk. I didn’t firmly stand behind my commitments. I didn’t devote myself to those promises of self-care and self-respect. I just said some pretty words. Hollow sounds with no heft.

I have not been faithful to my Self. To Us.

That ends now. Today, in this moment, I declare those days of being unreliable and inconsistent FOR MYSELF, to be over.

Today marks the beginning of self-love like I’ve never known. Today, I will start actively choosing and investing in the soul-care work that’s required for me to live a fully awakened life – work that will sometimes be hard and uncomfortable.

But actually… Lemme stop right there and remind myself that right up against that hard work lies a whole lot of ease. Big, swooping grace and flow. Because keeping my promises to myself doesn’t have to be grit and grind all the time. Pleasure is most definitely on the cards, too. Oh, yes it is.

Today, I’m calling out for these 3 truths:

  1. I am here to serve my soul, first and foremost.
  2. I am worthy of alone time, good food and whatever the hell else I deem to be self-care.
  3. I am ready for more ease, more support, more love, more chocolate.

I am ready. I am ready. I am ready.

And so it is.


And Amen.