She thinks I’m a raving ganja smoker. I’m totally good with it.

She walked into the house shortly after I’d burned this sage and yerba santa bundle, and she thought the smell was weed.

Her religion says marijuana is an evil drug so she was visibly upset at the thought that I could be a toker.

My immediate instinct was to say, “Oh no, it’s sage! Spiritual medicine n’ stuff!” but I literally bit my tongue to prevent me from speaking.

Because I knew those words were about trying to prevent her from looking down on me the way she looks down on green smokers.

I was going to say it as a means of getting back into her good graces; getting her approval.

But for the rest of my life, I will fight like a mother lion to re-teach the tender part of me that thinks I was born to be convenient and appropriate.

People-pleasing is wired into us, but every day we have the option of choosing to reinforce those ideals or whether we want to go another way. Today, I went a different way.

And now that person thinks I’m a raving ganja head and I’m completely good with it. #puffpuffpass