Are you mama or papa to a furry one? Including your pets in your spiritual practice.

Dogs + running water.

Those are the two things that I give thanks for every single day. A life with running water and dogs is pretty close to perfection for me.

And I love those sweet fur babes not only for their goofy antics and snuggly inclinations, but also because my connection to God, the Universe, Love has amplified tenfold since adopting them.

(Left to right: Wally and his bro, Louis. Loves of my life.)
(Left to right: Wally and his bro, Louis. Loves of my life.)

Animals + spirituality.

Anyone else want to sit around a fireplace and talk about this all night long – while snuggling freshly bathed puppies, of course?

Because of my fascination with this topic, I was thrilled when today’s AnnikaTV guest, Pina De Rosa, shared her beautiful technique for meditating with her dog, Wellington.

Sacred pup time? Count me IN.

If you have a dog, cat, hampster, guinea pig, rabbit, gecko, duck or any kind of animal in your family, this one’s for you.

(Plus, I’m wearing the biggest earrings of my life. And tennis-ball-sized polka dots. Oh yah.)

Press play below to watch.

Have you ever felt the hard-to-describe sacredness of time with an animal? What’s that like for you?

Any other pet meditation ideas or tips you’d like to share?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.