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Tanya Geisler Creating a family spiritual date.

Tanya Geisler is the kind of woman who argues with Sunday School teachers and then doles out mama bear hugs like no other.

She is a champion for women who are ready to step up and shine at work, in their bodies, relationships, and the deepest parts of their soul.

In episode 7 of The Sacred Podcast, Tanya and I talked about:

  • going to church some weeks and not others – and being entirely okay with that
  • creating a spiritual date with her family (I’m OBSESSED with this idea)
  • how to even know if you’re having a spiritual experience

Press play below to listen in.


Books + Resources mentioned on this episode:
Tanya’s blog post: 2 words most feared by the Impostor Complex
How to find a Buddhist Sangha

I also lovelovelove the question at the heart of Tanya’s individual and her family’s spiritual practice: “How will I honor my spirit today?” What if your spiritual practice was built on asking that question each day? Mmhmmmm.


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