For my people who are resisting their inner work.

Think of an area of your life you want to see change. Think of the future you want in that area, your ideal. See it?

Now, here’s the part where I piss you off…

Put that beautiful future down. Tuck it in your jewelry box, or leave it in the center of the coffee table. Put it down. Just for a moment.

The future you just put down is what you want to create. What destruction does that creation require?

  • Someone else’s beliefs you’ve inherited.
  • The faulty logic you’ve put on the altar of your mind.
  • The lies and clutter in your head and heart.

These things are roadblocks to the future that’s trying to make its way to you. Before new seeds can be planted, the field must be burned and turned.

Some people are gung ho to do this releasing work. Others have resistance. This is what I tell my resistance people:

“I get it. You’re ready for the big change. You want the new reality NOW. But here’s the thing: The way forward almost always involves looking back for a moment. There’s stuff back there that is actively blocking your desires.

And yeah, you’re not giddy with excitement about this rearview-trippin’. I wasn’t either. It will probably (almost certainly) be uncomfortable at best, agonizing at worst.


This is what grownup, paradoxical, meaningful living involves. This is part of living a fully awakened, ALIVE life. Living intentionally is about more than exercise and healthy eating. It’s also about the willingness to look at yourself – really, deeply, look at yourself and then do the work of untangling, releasing and reviving.

The other side of this work feels like home. It’s the seat of your power. It’s deep belly laughs. It’s saying “Things are really, really good” with a straight face and heart. It’s NOT fluff – it’s tangible. It’s the progress you’ll see in your relationships, your business, even your skin. It’s real.

So take a deep breath. Lean on me. Be encouraged by the people before you who did really, really hard things for your freedom and your choice.

Breathe deep and let’s do this.”