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Pace Smith Merging science + spirituality.

For most of her life, Pace Smith defined life through the lens of science and rationality. Until… she didn’t.

In episode 6 of The Sacred Podcast, Pace and I talked about:

  • transitioning from science geek to spiritual Sufi
  • enjoying the variety of the spiritual buffet vs choosing a single path to devote to
  • having conversations with people who don’t share your spiritual beliefs
  • creating your own spiritual ceremonies + much more!

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Books + Resources mentioned on this episode:
The Usual Error: Pace + Kyeli Smith
Mark Silver – Heart of Business
Dances of Universal Peace

I also loved Pace’s paraphrasing of the Invocation from the Dances of Universal Peace: “I acknowledge that the best thing I can do for myself, for my community, and for the world, is to let my heart rest in a place of peace.”

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