Sense of smell as a way to the Divine. Deep sensory perception in your spiritual practice.

Take a second and go back to the last time you took a big sniff of a smell you love.

How’d that feel?

Holy, maybe?

Today’s AnnikaTV guest is sharing a fresh perspective on the spiritual power of your nostrils.

Yes, your nose. Stay with me.

Here’s why we’re talking about your sense of smell, today:

There’s a lot of talk about God / spirituality / peace being a state outside ourselves, a place beyond our mere human bodies, and the idea is that we meditate and study and pray in order to get to that ‘other’ place.

For today’s guest, her version of spirituality works a bit differently. Her spiritual connection happens in her body, through her senses.

Instead of trying to transcend the body, her spiritual practice is about diving deeper into it. The Divine isn’t ‘out there’ for her. It’s inside herself.

So sexy, right?


In today’s episode of AnnikaTV, I’m talking with Mariana Furtado about deep sensory perception.

While going through an incredibly tough time in her life, Mariana noticed that relating to her senses in a particular way allowed her to cut right through the pain and sadness she was feeling, even if just for a moment.

In our conversation, she explains exactly how she did that and offers clear suggestions for how we can all begin experimenting with deep sensory perception, starting by focusing specifically on our sense of smell.

Click below to watch this episode.

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Do you already know what favorite smell you want to try this with?

If not, what will you experiment with first?

Lemons and coconut oil were the first two I tried. Blissful.

Loads of love,
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