The sacred discipline of showing up for your work in the world.

In a previous career, I edited people’s books.

I recently got an update from a former editing client. She’d sent the manuscript to her dream agent, who loved it and excitedly signed her. And then…

The agent asked her to re-format the entire book. Same content, but a whole new structure. This meant way more work on top of the hundreds of hours she’d already put in.

She haaaaated the idea of going back to the drawing board on an already completed book (plus, it’s a pretty raw, emotional subject), but after considering it, she decided the agent was right. The new structure would showcase her stories more powerfully, so she sat down, put in the extra hours, and made the changes.

I think about her choice at least once a week.

The humility to change your mind when you’ve been so certain about something for so long.

The courage to return to the dark parts of the past in order to create something to help other women heal.

The early mornings and late nights. The sacred discipline.


Shout out to all the writers, entrepreneurs, artists, makers and ceiling-breakers who are SHOWING UP every damn day.

You inspire me to keep going.

Keep writing.

Keep using my voice.

Keep standing up. And out.

You inspire us all.