My first St. Lucia concert + your life is way cooler than you think.

My first St. Lucia concert began with mild expectations. I knew next to nothing about the band, but a friend was a big fan, so I figured that even if it was horrible, I’d find the drum track and dance it out.

Then they came on stage.

These people are obsessed with getting the details just so – and they do. Their timing, their voices, the sweat and soul of what they delivered… The audience couldn’t look away.

And it all reminded me of this:

Yes, revere the icons and legends. Treasure the greats. Honor the people who’ve worked so hard that everyone knows their name.


Don’t overlook the lesser-known beauties.

Your teacher today might be an up-and-coming blogger no one’s heard of yet. Your next experience of this-feels-sooooo-good bliss might happen in the everydayness of family dinner, or laughing with your co-workers.

Maybe it’ll happen sitting at your grandma’s feet. Maybe it’ll be a single sentence that gently falls out of your kid’s mouth. Maybe it’ll be that moment when you feel invisible and then you catch someone looking at you and you know they are really, truly seeing you.

The smallness is a treasure too.

Don’t buy into the myth that the most meaningful moments of your life require rock hard abs, Oprah cash and intense hashtag coverage on Instagram.

Don’t get so consumed with seeking the big, flashy glories that you overlook the smaller, simpler ones.

What if your life, as it is right now, is teeming with miracles?

What if your body, as it is right now, was a temple of worship?

What if your hands, or the smell of coconut oil, or your dog’s watery eyes, was a constant source of awe?

What if your life is way cooler than you give it credit for?