Stepping into Your Spiritual Authority with Tanya Geisler

I hope something in this audio will help you step forward in the light of your faith – because the sacred is nothing to be ashamed of.

Here’s to owning it!


P.S. Here are the resources I mentioned on the call:

1. My Tiny Buddha article on finding my spiritual tribe: 7 ways to form deep, meaningful friendships.

2. Step into Your Starring Role with our call’s co-host, Tanya Geisler.

Once you listen to the recording, you’ll probably agree: Tanya is a light saber of clarity + love. If impostor complex and other ‘I’m not good enough’ fears have been keeping you small, check her out.

I know several people who have worked with her and literal transformations happened. Major block-busting and purpose-finding.

She’s the real deal. Pure light.