My first swimsuit in almost 10 years.

Many winters ago, I sent this pic to my brother and sister from a Winners dressing room in Ottawa.

At the time, I hadn’t owned a swimsuit in years, and the next day, I was going to wear one in public, with like, PEOPLE n’ stuff.

It was a rush purchase and I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the suit itself.

But I was over-the-moon ecstatic (I mean, look at that eyebrow!) about the progress this moment represented in my relationship with my body.

That red swimsuit was another step beyond the version of me that declined all pool and beach invites, to one who was hastily snapping up a swimsuit so she could frolic at the largest spa in North America. #spajunkie

Moral of the Story:

Every time you do something that feels like a shift away from your old pattern, celebrate THE HECK out of it.

Tell the people who will understand the significance of it, and join you in the cheering.

Every time you choose differently, or talk back to that snarky voice in your head, throw yourself a damn party – literal or otherwise. No matter how small the action might seem, it’s actually all a very big deal.

Not only does it feel good (that’s reason enough, really), but also, acknowledging these milestones fuels us as we keep walking toward the next and the next.

Celebrate all of it.

Every little bit matters.