How to heal body insecurity? Start by telling just one person.

For years, I would not talk about my body.

If someone else brought up the subject, I brushed off whatever they said, pretending to be completely secure and happy in my skin. And then I quickly changed the topic.

Having even the simplest of conversations about my body was off limits for me because I was ashamed of being ashamed of the way I looked.

One of my first big steps forward was simply to speak it.

I told one person. I didn’t unload every single detail of my body story, just a few key memories and feelings – things I’d never told anyone.

And almost immediately, I felt an other worldly kind of relief.

Speaking it aloud meant I was no longer carrying it all by myself. (We are fundamentally, always, wanting community.)

So if you’re where I was in any way, my suggestion is to start moving forward by telling someone (ONLY someone you trust) a small part of your body story.

Speaking these things out loud cracks open a doorway for healing, support, creative ideas, resources and all forms of love.

You don’t have to dive into a massive lifestyle overhaul right away. Just start by telling someone a piece of your story.

Speak yourself out loud.

And then take it from there.