The Body Course Case Studies. Hear what they have to say.

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This is what some of the women who’ve already gone through the course have to say about it:


Joanie’s experience:
Boston, Massachusetts

Before The Body Course

5 years ago, my body became a menopausal stranger I did not recognize. With the weight came shame and grief for who I once was, unsuccessful dieting, and a voice in my head that was mean and relentless. I did A LOT of body-mind work through various sources, but I still did not have the tools to make a significant change in my beliefs about my worthiness at this size. Until The Body Course…

After The Body Course…

I am saying yes more. I had cultivated the art of saying no, but now it’s time to say yes to opportunities to shine my light. I used to play the introvert card a lot. This class helped me examine when that serves me and when it isolates me. The Body Course has given me a new voice, and a more in-your-face attitude when I need it. Here’s an example:

About halfway through the course, I had a conversation with a family member about my body and specifically my new attitude toward exercise. After I explained myself, my relative said to me, “Wow. That’s the first time I’ve heard you speak so lovingly and protectively of your body and self.” I immediately started to cry. That was a BIG moment for me. The Body Course helped me get there.

What I loved most was…

For those of us already knowledgeable about body awareness, self-compassion, negative self talk, etc. this course is the missing link! It takes all of that awareness and puts it into tangible, forward motion… taking the work from your head to your daily life.

I loved Annika’s vulnerability and the way she made us all comfortable and at ease. She is sharp and intellectual, yet teaches from the heart. She is a wise and intuitive leader and facilitator.


Jillian’s experience:
Calgary, Canada

Before The Body Course…

There was so much uncomfortableness (and not the good kind of uncomfortable you feel when you’re growing) happening for me. Both my personal and professional relationships were not optimal, because I was constantly giving my power away to others because I felt that my body was something to make up for.

After The Body Course…

I have grown so much from this course. I celebrate me more than I ever have. I launched my business and made myself visible online.

I won’t start another diet ever again. I’m saying “no” when I want to. I’m more assertive than I’ve ever been in all areas of my life, and I feel so much less guilt than I did before.

What I loved most was…

Too many people say “Just love yourself!” without providing clear steps for how to actually do that. Annika gives you straight-forward, practical actions. She is so REAL, down to earth, and approachable. Her style is the perfect amount of light and groundedness.


Linda’s experience:
Portland, Oregon

Before The Body Course…

I have made huge strides in loving my body over the years but after struggling with chronic pain all summer, I was so angry at my body. I couldn’t take it anymore.

After The Body Course…

This course is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my well-being!

I learned how to soothe and de-fang my nasty voices, and how to slow down. I am more positive and loving with my bad days. I’m better at asking for help. I’m more relaxed and I pay better attention to my body’s needs.

What I loved most was…

The best thing? Jeez, I can’t narrow it down to just one. I think the weekly body date would be at the top of my list. Taking an hour out every week to reconnect with my brain and body has changed my thinking a great deal.

Oh, also! I loved your insistence on inner AND outer work. It is very easy to get hung up on food and exercise and to ignore the rest of the systems that create pain (emotional and physical). Before signing up, I worried that the course might be more ‘boot camp’ style, so I was thrilled to find every part of the process was actually quite thoughtful and profound. I loved The Body Course!


Christine’s experience:
Santa Clara, California

Before The Body Course…

My body relationship was actually in a pretty good place. I’ve grown a lot over the years and have significantly improved my self-talk and self-image, but I couldn’t shake the recognition I had in the course description, so I decided to sign up because I wanted to face those things. There’s always room for growth. And having two young daughters was the push I needed to make sure I am the best example I can be for them.

After The Body Course…

I really do feel like I’ve shed another layer of self-doubt because even though I came into this course from a good place, I’m not perfect… This is ongoing work!

The tools I’ve learned are helping me to keep the momentum going forward.

What I loved most was…

The weekly body dates kept me accountable. It motivated me to carve out time to devote to myself every single week. Plus, it helped me realize that I benefit from guided internal work – someone else asking me to dive inside and see what’s going on is helping me grow. Thank you for putting together such a great course!

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