The Body Date Facebook Group is holding out her hand – don’t leave a sister hangin’!

A body date is exactly what it sounds like: an intimate, connected time to focus on and care for your body.

Doesn’t everybody and their mama need more of that? Yes and yes. That’s why instead of hosting Body Dates every couple months like I’ve been doing, I’ve decided to start leading WEEKLY Body Dates.

30 minutes. Once a week.
Your body needs (is craving) that, right?

The group is active now and there will be LIVE dates every single week of the holidays because… Uncle John and his political rants, those damn Chipmunk Christmas songs, all the cake, WE NEED SELF CARE.

Where did the idea for this come from?
The first cycle of The Body Course wraps this week (shoutout to all you bodacious babes!) and the ladies have been sad-faced that our weekly group coaching sessions are coming to a close, which made me all bazinga! Idea!

How it works:
Join the group (it’s free) and each week, I’ll guide you through a LIVE 30 minute body date.

It’ll be a sweet exhale in the middle of your week, with practical ideas for staying connected to your body all week long, plus dancing and orgasm jokes because… me. It’s gonna be good!

The first Body Date is happening this Thursday, Dec 7th. Future dates will be announced in the group, so join to get all the updates.

Join the Body Date Facebook Group.