The problem with ‘Leave it up to the Universe’ thinking: Activism as a spiritual practice.

I’ve asked almost a hundred people now, what their definition of spirituality is. And most of them, at some point, referred to it as:

looking inward

All words that suggest an experience of spirituality that is very oriented to going within in some way.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with an inward orientation to spirituality (I often experience it that way, too).

But for today’s AnnikaTV guest, her spiritual connection is lit up by going outside, into the world around her, as an activist.

“Activism is my rent for living on the planet.”
– Alice Walker

Melanie Klein on AnnikaTV

In today’s episode, I’m talking with sociologist, Melanie Klein, about activism as a spiritual practice.

Melanie is a devoted yogi who has a bone to pick with the yoga community’s (and others’) frequent ‘Leave it up to the Universe’ refrain.

For her, a spiritual connection must include an active and direct connection to our neighborhoods, communities and the entire planet.

Engaging with the world around her is part of how she engages and connects with herself.

Click play below to watch our conversation.

Have you ever done anything that you would define as ‘activism’?

Did that make you feel connected, centered, divinely inspired?

Lots of love,