How to pull through ‘The Pull’.

In the seconds after the plane leaves the ground, you feel The Pull. It’s gravity, trying to drag the plane back to the earth.

But the plane pulls through. Ascension. Flight. Soar.

This will happen with almost any major life transition. Changing the way you eat, ending a relationship, starting a business, or fiiiinally exercising every day.

Your courage swells. You declare that old chapter is ending. You affirm a new habit, a new future, a new version of yourself.

And then there comes The Pull.

It might arrive in the form of other people giving your choice the side eye. It might be a heavy wave of self-sabotage and defeating self-talk. Or it might just be the universe asking for some clarification: Are you sure? Like, really sure? This is what you want? For reals?

The Pull is a natural response to your new way of being. It doesn’t mean you made the wrong move. It doesn’t mean you’re not cut out for this.

It is an invitation to declare, clarify and polish your intentions. To bow your head even deeper to your new commitments. To stand taller in the clarity of your vision — even if no one else sees the vista from your heart.

The truest love, the most meaningful work, the fattest bank account, the life-changing orgasms… To achieve any of these things, you will encounter a pull at some point — probably more than one. A challenge, a dare, a moment of reckoning, that leans in and asks, “But seriously, how bad do you want this?”.

When you feel your pull, there is only one action to take. Only one thing to say.

I want it.

I definitely, absolutely want it.

And gravity will say “Roger that” and let you fly.