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Ronna Detrick Redefining women in scripture

It’s here! It’s here!

The Sacred Podcast has arrived. If I still had pigtails, those suckers would be bouncing up and down right now. *giddygiddy*

This podcast will feature conversations with spiritual seekers from all traditions and philosophies (+ lots of DIY types, too) who have built a modern-day spiritual practice on their own terms. I want to celebrate people who have decided to see the sacred their way, instead of blindly following someone else’s spiritual instructions.

I’m excited to be able to help share both the practical and inspirational truths about what spirituality really looks like in people’s lives.

I hope these conversations will inspire you in your relationship with the word: “spirituality”.

First up, I’m talking with Ronna Detrick.

Ronna was raised in the church and was deeply committed to walking in the Christian faith – she even married a pastor. Until the whole thing came crashing down.

Today, she’s built a uniquely feminine and fiercely independent spiritual practice that makes space for her in a way that she felt traditional Christianity didn’t.

Note: This is not a church-bashing episode and definitely not a church-bashing podcast.

As the episodes roll on, you’ll hear from people who are deeply restored and energized by their religious faith and church experiences. This podcast makes room for all experiences and viewpoints – I think our unique spiritual journeys will be enriched and expanded by them all.

And as you open your heart to listen, remember the deeper question of all questions is:

What does this have to teach me?
In all things, there is a lesson.

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Lots of love,

Where to find Ronna Detrick:
Ronna’s TEDx talk: Redeeming Eve. Reimagining everything.

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