The grand insult of telling a woman that her most magical life requires losing weight.

There are exceptions, but most of the time, I find the suggestion that a woman’s greatest confidence, radiance, abundance (in a nutshell: the most magical life everrrr!) lives on the other side of losing weight, to be majorly insulting.

It’s a diss to a woman’s capacity to have all those things at any size.

It’s a diss to women whose genetics incline them to be naturally (and healthfully) bigger than most.

It’s a diss to women who pushed humans out of their bodies and gained weight during their pregnancy.

And it’s a huge diss to every person whose weight is directly connected to a disability or medical condition.

So if you hear a teenager or a young girl, your co-worker, or even ya mama using that logic (weight loss = automatic joy and a sexy-fierce-fabulous life), I hope you’ll pause and question that thinking.

We don’t need to wag our fingers and preach at people, but an invitation, an opening, a suggestion, a “What if…” moment could bring all kinds of wonderfulness.

And we can always do with more wonderfulness.