What if ‘God’ doesn’t work for you?

Everything ain’t for everybody.

For a friend of mine, the concept of God or any kind of Higher Power doesn’t sit right with her, so she’s built her spiritual practice around Love.

I have another friend who doesn’t like the word ‘Amen’. She’s experimenting with ending her prayers by saying things like “And so it is” or “This is my prayer”, instead.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.29.02 AMYour spiritual vocabulary isn’t assigned to you. You get to pick it.

Try on different words and phrasing until you find the ones that feel like they click into place inside you. It is literally as simple as using the words that feel good.

Here’s just a dozen of my regular go-to’s (there are many others):

God. The Divine. The Sacred. You. Universe. Life. Love. Everything That Is. All of It. My soul. My heart. Me.

None of these may be It for you. That’s cool.

Open the dictionary. Look around the room you’re sitting in. Go outside for a walk. Say a prayer: Hey, you. I don’t know what to call you. Could you pop the right word into my heart, please? Thankya.

What matters is that the vocabulary you use to talk about your spiritual beliefs is YOUR vocabulary, deliberately and consciously selected, because it speaks to your soul in ways that other words just don’t.

And on the flip side of being discerning with our language…

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.29.02 AMIf you only pay attention to the vocabulary that matches your own, miracles will pass you by.

Let your heart gravitate towards whatever is most resonant, but remember that wisdom comes to us from every place, including strange, seemingly contradictory ones.

This week, I received some extra-holy transmissions from the mumblings of a homeless guy on the street, a Baptist mega-church pastor and a little girl who was taking her first ever train ride.

All three of them used words that weren’t exactly… normal, for me. Words that I used to scoff at or categorized as “not relevant”.

When we see beneath the words to the deeper intention, to the river flowing through all thoughts and language, we see that miracles are dropping at our feet all day long.

If you like the Course in Miracles but you don’t like the word ‘God’, mentally replace it with whatever noun you do like, everytime you read the word ‘God’ in that book.

If you love going to a particular church each week, but the pastor always refers to the Divine using male pronouns, let your heart receive the word with the feminine inserted there instead. (And maybe start to look for other people, books or events that celebrate the Divine Feminine.)

Even in spiritual circles, we can often become dogmatic and rigid in our attachment to certain words or ways of thinking about spirituality itself.

Or, sadly, some of us have rejected spirituality completely, because we think that to enter spiritual spaces, we have to talk about them and relate to them and speak about them just so.

This limits what’s possible for us. This puts blinders on what our eyes can see.

Let’s not.

Here’s to wide open possibility. Here’s to speaking the words that feel truer than true.

And here’s to never forgetting that all words carry the Sacred in them. Divine wisdom is everywhere.

All my love,