What it means to ‘manage your energy’ and how that could be a spiritual practice for you.

Does ‘spirituality’ work for you?

I mean the word itself, are you comfortable with it? Does it roll naturally off your tongue? Does it work for you?

Because if not, I’d love to plant this idea in your head:

Pick a different word.

We’re all climbing the same mountain, and if your path feels better to you with a different name, embrace that other name. Rock it full force.

Like today’s guest. She’s oriented toward a different word, so that’s where she focuses her attention instead.

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Today, on AnnikaTV, I’m talking with Kristine Oller about energy management.

This is how Kristine sees it:

We’re on this earth to be our most creative, fully actualized, joyful selves and one of the major ways we shut down this vibrant version of ourselves, is by leaking our energy to unhealthy, unhelpful thoughts and behaviors.

In this conversation, Kristine shares her tips for how you can tell if you’re leaking energy and her suggestion for how to prevent energy leakage is… well, it’s probably one of the kindest, most tender things any AnnikaTV guest has ever suggested.

Click play below to watch the conversation:

I’d love to hear from you in the comments:

Does this idea of leaking vs conserving your energy resonate with you? In the past week, where have you leaked your energy?

As always, thank you for watching.