The million dollar question. Are you asking it?

There are rivers of gold in understanding the deeper WHY behind your choices. Here’s a personal example:

I usually leave my phone at home when I go for a walk. Initially, I was quite proud of the phone-free part. Until I asked myself “Why?” and realized that underneath the talk about mindfulness and mother nature, my bigger motivation was: “See! I’m not one of those permanently-glued-to-my-phone people! I can be namaste and present n’ stuff.”

It was about proving my goodness. It was rigid and checklist-y.

I wasn’t tuning in. I was hustling for my peace and fyi: that never works.

It took some doing and patience, but in time, I let that proving and pushing go. Now, I still take walks without my phone, but instead of fiercely stomping off to prove something, it’s actually about breath and shoulders and leaves.

On the surface, it looks the same – woman sans phone.

Under the surface, I’m vibing on a whole new strut, and without exploring my “why”, I wouldn’t have found it. “WHY?” is a million dollar question.

Why is that your goal? Why are you eating that? Why did you choose those clothes? And that person? Why are you in that job? Why is your money going there, and not there?

Ask yourself “why?” more.