Work With Me

Do you ever feel that there’s a whole other version of you waiting inside? She’s not visible to anyone else, but you feel her presence. You know she’s there.

This other version of you will walk into every room with her head held high, shoulders back, eyes gleaming, and obviously, she’s dressed in an outfit of monumental STUNNER.

She speaks her mind with clarity and poise. She’s loving but not a constant people-pleaser. She says no without breaking eye contact. She laughs a lot.

So why is she hiding inside, and not front and center in your life?

Is it because you’ve told yourself that she has to wait until _______________ happens? Once this one thing changes, that radiant version of you will finally emerge and shine.

So what would you put in that blank space? What’s keeping her (you) hidden?

My answer to that question was my body.

I saw my body as one big shitshow of a problem, which meant that so much of what I wanted had to wait until I’d ‘fixed’ my problem.

I avoided social settings because the fear of my body being seen was paralyzing.

I chose deeply unfulfilling relationships because I thought that was as good as it would get for a body like this.

I silenced my writing and creative urges, because believing that my body wasn’t good enough meant that I believed ALL of me wasn’t good enough.

Diet & exercise alone wasn’t enough.
I needed a body journey that was soulful & practical.

I was so stressed out that I didn’t have the energy to keep slogging towards weight loss anymore.

Of course I wanted to feel radiant, strong and sensual, but first and foremost, I just wanted some peace. I wanted the war with my body to be over, so that I could stop being anxious and panicked all the time. I wanted the loop of punishing self-talk to hush so that I could finally, totally, relax.

So I went looking for that, and along the way, I found a lot of goodness.

I also found a lot of bullshit. (This body topic is dripping with toxicity that calls itself ‘health’ and shaming camouflaged as positivity.)

I waded through and pulled together a collection of truths and tools that gave me the body answers that years of “Just lose more weight and you’ll be fine!” never did.

And then I put those things on repeat (because the body is a lifelong relationship, not a single event), and without restrictive diets or torturous workouts, the peace and the vibrancy, the comfort and the don’t-give-a-shit confidence, the self-compassion and the glow of being at home in your own skin… It came.

Before working with Annika, I was constantly giving my power away to others because I thought my body was something to make up for. But after going through her course, I’m more assertive than I’ve ever been, and I feel so much less guilty about…everything! Annika’s passion, wisdom, and transparency sets her apart from everyone else in this space.” – Jillian Spangler

I share the details of this process in The Body Course.

The Body Course is a 10-week online program for women who want to live a radiant life NOW, instead of waiting on your body to change so that you can feel good later (hint: that never works).

This is not a weight loss course. It’s about relating to food, movement, and what you see in the mirror with self-compassion, power and clarity.

It’s about wearing what you want, going after the things you want, and living the way you want to – not when or if your body changes. NOW.

The Body Course opens again in Jan 2018. Enter your email below to be notified when it’s available.

This course is the missing link! It takes the work from your head into your daily life. It really blew me away. Annika is a wise and intuitive facilitator. Her humor keeps it light, while at the same time she’s direct and teaches from her heart.” – Joan Schulman

“This is one of the best investments I’ve made in my well-being. I’ve learned how to soothe and de-fang my nasty voices, I’m better at asking for help, more relaxed, and I’m paying attention to my body’s needs like never before.” – Linda Mercury