Work With Me

I help women improve their relationship with their bodies so they can be more powerful entrepreneurs, creatives and business leaders.
Here’s the backstory on why I started doing this work…

I used to be a copywriter and marketing consultant, and after a few years, I started to notice a pattern:

No matter how experienced or talented my clients were, many of them were resisting the big steps their businesses needed, all because of this simple and incredibly powerful belief: they didn’t think they were good enough (experienced enough, credentialed enough, popular enough, etc).

And when we traced that “I’m not good enough” belief back, it started in their body.

Somewhere in their past (whether it came from family members or mean girls and immature boys) they’d been taught that their body just didn’t cut it.

They weren’t thin enough, or curvy enough, or toned enough, or “beautiful” enough. They’d adopted someone else’s belief that their body just wasn’t good enough.

But the thing about our deepest beliefs is that they don’t live in private compartments inside us.

Your beliefs about your value in one area are bleeding out into all the other areas of your life. It’s all connected.

So your feelings about your body aren’t relevant just to your body.

Your body beliefs are impacting your courage and confidence at work. They’re chipping away at your self esteem and intimacy in your relationships.

And that was the aha! that shifted me from working with women’s businesses to women’s bodies.

The core problem these women were facing had nothing to do with marketing tactics. Their biggest challenge was that their body beliefs were holding them back from the career, financial and personal success they wanted.

And because of my own body backstory, which you can read here, I knew I could help.

So today, that’s what I do. I work with ambitious women who want more. Career growth, abundance, love, travel, joy.

My clients see the connection between all those things and the recurring thoughts they have about themselves and their bodies.

They take their personal development seriously and want support in the practical and emotional journey of growing into their best selves. If that sounds like you, click here for the first step.