You ARE the universe. An appeal for self-reverence.

At the risk of turning you into a narcissist…

This is all for you.

The air in your lungs. The hands that harvested the cotton and the ones that sewed its threads into the clothes you’re wearing. The sea and its salt. The mountains and their crisp. The sky and its blue. The sun and its warmth. The children and the chocolate dripping down their chins. This is all for you.

You are not the center of the universe – you are the universe.

You are the grandiosity, the mystery, and the unutterable beauty.

You are the magic of trees. The exceptionality of Olympic athletes. The stunning vista of cotton candy sunsets and a baby’s first laugh.

You are the strength of the strongest steel. You are the resiliency of roaches. You are the potential of burnt forests aching to sprout.

You are the radiance of Mama Moon and the adventurous spirit of puppies at play. You are vast expanse and infinite color.


I should probably also remind you that you’re a teensy speck of dust that maybe-possibly doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, but on the off chance that you’ve forgotten (and at some point, we all forget), I’d rather tell you this:

Worship at the altar of YOURSELF.

Celebrate the grit that carried you through everything you’ve survived. Honor the generosity and compassion you’ve extended – sometimes to people who never returned those things to you. Bow your head in reverence for your one, remarkable life.

All the breaths your lungs take without being told to. All the glory your eyes behold with a thoughtless turn of your head. All the majesty that lives in you, that is you. Worship it.

Because when life becomes your devotion, when your gratitude reaches in as much as it reaches out, a vital richness will infuse your every move. Clarity like you’ve never known will fill the gaps of uncertainty. Love will swell and take you deeper into truth, wildness and ecstatic peace.

— I’m not advocating for self-delusion or toxic obsession. But I am certain that most of us would benefit from spending a little less time rattling off our issues and the multitude of life areas we need to “fix”, and a little more time speaking the truth of our greatness, the truth of our beauty, the truth of our sheer strength and creative power.

Or do it like B — keep it concise and say, “I’m so awesome”.
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